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Restoring Your Shoes

Damaged shoes are notoriously difficult to repair, especially for those without the necessary training. Rely on the experienced and skilled cobblers at our shop to provide the shoe repairs that you need.

Cutting Accurate Keys

Whether you have lost your keys and find yourself locked out of your home, require a new spare to be cut for a family member or friend or need a new car key cut and programmed, call upon our key cutting services at Highgate Shoe Care.

About Us

Make sure that your favourite pair of shoes are ready for the big occasion with the assistance of our experienced cobblers. Highgate Shoe Care is a reputable shoe repair shop in Highgate, London, that specialises in all aspects of shoe repairs. Providing swift, reliable, same-day services, our team use more than 17 years of experience to restore your shoes back to their former glory. All of our staff are passionate about their work, and every single job is completed in line with our exceedingly high standards.