Expertly Repairing and Restoring Shoes in Highgate, London

Serving Clients throughout North London

When your favourite pair of shoes are damaged, make sure that you have them restored as soon as possible. At Highgate Shoe Care, in Highgate, London, we specialise in all aspects of shoe care and repairs. To ensure that you are not left waiting for your shoes to be repaired, we offer an efficient same-day service. Additionally, clients come to us for key cutting services.

Covering All Manner of Shoes Repairs

To cater for the varied needs of our clients, we provide an assortment of repair services. They include:
• Replacing Soles – Available on all types of shoe.
• Replacing Heels – Restoring the shoes to their original height after heels have been worn down.
• Stitching – Ideal for both leather and rubber shoes.
• Beeswax Polishes – Create a glistening sheen on your shoes.
• Fitting Heel Grips – Dropped inside the back of the shoe, the grips improve comfort and are ideal for shoes that are slightly too big.
• Shoe Stretching – Improve the fit of shoes that are too small without damaging their structure.

Taking Care of Leather

Rejuvenate the colour of the leather on your shoes while moisturising it and preventing it from cracking with our creams. Available in various colours to match your shoes, the cream also works as a protector to improve the lifespan of the leather. For soft leather, which is primarily used for bags and jackets, we provide leather food which also acts as a cleaning agent.

Tailored, Affordable Prices

Although the cost of our work differs depending on the damage involved, we understand how important it is for customers to have an idea of how much the repair will cost. As such, we have outlined some guide prices below:

• Ladies’ Heels - from £8.99
• Men's Heels - from £16.99
• Ladies’ Soles - from £19.99
• Men's Soles - from £25.99
• New Heel Blocks for Ladies - from £45
• New Heel Blocks for Men - from £45
• Fix Boot Zips - from £9.99
• New Zips - from £35